Mie Type Codes

(Gustav Mie 1868 - 1957)

  • GLMT Champ Internes
    Set of 8 programs (IntGlmt, IntDebye, DiffGlmt, DiffDebye, McDiff, PulseDiff, 3D2F, 2D2F) based on Generalized Lorenz Mie Theory to compute internal fields and near fields by Loic Mees, and Siegfried Meunier-Guittin-Cluzel, Report (15.8.2007).
  • Location of Mie Resonances
    FORTRAN program printed in the report: C. D. Cantrell: Numerical Methods for the Accurate Calculation of Spherical Bessel Functions and the Location of Mie Resonances, Center for Applied Optics, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX 75083-0688, 1988. (27.8.2007).
    Toon and Ackerman's Fortran code for stratified spheres is included in this program. (27.8.2007).
  • MieSolid
    Mathematica package that performs precise Mie calculations for a solid sphere with automatic arbitrary precision arithmetic by Sergio Aragón (20.7.2007).
  • Delfi
    Diffusion Electromagnétique de la Lumière par des Particules Isolées, WinXP program by Fabrice Onofri. (9.2.2007).
  • nLayerMieCode
    Matlab code for n-layer Mie scattering by G. Chliveros and M.A. Rodrigues, Technical Report: MERI-04-01(6.6.2005).
  • miegamma
    The miegamma FORTRAN code calculates the extinction and scattering coefficients and the single scattering albedo for a gamma distribution of spherical particles using Lorenz-Mie scattering (22.9.2006).
  • MieResonances
    FORTRAN program printed in C. D. Cantrell: Numerical Methods for the Accurate Calculation of Spherical Bessel Functions
    and the Location of Mie Resonances. Center for Applied Optics University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, TX 75083-0688 August 2, 1988; references updated 2006.(25.9.2006).
  • miex
    Mie Scattering by Ensembles of Particles with Very Large Size Parameters by S. Wolf, N.V. Voshchinnikov (1.12.2004).
  • Mie散乱
    Mie Maple Worksheet with Japanese text. (3.4.2003)
  • absMie
    Mathematica notebook for Mie Scattering in Absorbing Medium by I Wayan Sudiarta. (6.7.2004)
  • Mie IDL
    Various Mie programs in the IDL language are available. (2.4.2004)
  • ActiveX Mie
    ActiveX Mie program by Hong Du. (2.4.2004)
  • Java Mie
    Java Mie program by Hong Du. (2.4.2004)
  • C++ Mie
    C++ Mie program by Hong Du. (2.4.2004)
  • MieTab v8.1
    MieTab Windows program for single and multiple scattering by August Miller. The latest version allows some calculations of the axial internal E-field magnitude. Source code is also available (16.1.2004).
  • Mie Matlab
    by Ville Bergholm (28.8.2003)
  • Mie Mathcad
    by  Michael Knappmann (28.8.2003)
  • Mie Mathematica
    Mie Mathematica Worksheet by Art Lampado available from the Bremen server. The code will calculate and plot (where appropriate) the usual Mie information including the scattering, absorption and extinction coefficients, cross sections, and efficiencies. As well, the asymmetry factor, albedo, phase functions (both 2D and 3D), polarization ratio, and the amplitude scattering and Mueller matrices can be obtained. (3.4.2003) 
  • Mie Matlab
    Mie Matlab (lokal)
    Christian Mätzler's Matlab program to compute scattering, internal fields and cross sections by dielectric or magnetic sphere and coated sphere. Report (21.1.2004).  
  • NMie
    The code by Nikolai Voshchinnikov calculates the extinction, scattering and absorption efficiency factors for n-layered spheres. The recursive algorithm of Wu & Wang is used.(20.8.2003).
  • ScatLab
    ScatLab is a Windows based software developed to perform electromagnetic scattering simulations mainly based on classical Mie theory solution (12.5.03).
  • LscHomoSph
    This Windows based light scattering program by Miroslaw Jonasz calculates angular scattering patterns as well as the scattering, absorption, and attenuation parameters of a single homogeneous sphere according to Mie theory (12.5.03).
  • LscCoatSph
    This Windows based light scattering program calculates an angular scattering pattern as well as scattering, absorption, and attenuation parameters of a single coated sphere according to the Aden/Kerker theory as modified by Toon and Ackerman (1988) and by Miroslaw Jonasz.
  • IRIS
    IRIS uses rigorous Mie scattering theory to produce accurate simulations of glories, fogbows and coronae.(6.9.2002)
  • Livre GLMT
    G. Gouesbet, G. Grehan, B. Maheu, K. F. Ren: Electromagnetic Scattering of Shaped Beams (Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theory), LESP, CORIA, INSA de Rouen, Saint Etienne du Rouvray, March 19, 1998.
    Book on the Generalied Lorenz-Mie theory for scattering by  a sphere in a Gaussian beam giving full desciption of the theory and FORTRAN programs. (10.6.2002)
  • MieX
    Mie Scattering in Particle Ensembles under consideration of Large Size Parameters by Sebastian Wolf (9.7.02). 
  • MiePlot
    Windows program by Philip Laven based on the classic BHMIE algorithm including calculations using the Debye series. Paper "Simulation of rainbows, coronas and glories using Mie theory" accepted for publication in the "Light and Color" feature issue of Applied Optics (for publication in January 2003). (26.8.2002)
  • MieMathematica
    A Mathematica notebook (for the article "Laser Trapping of Microscopic Particles for Undergraduate Experiments" by Pastel, Struthers, Ringle, Rogers, Rohde, and Geiser in the American Journal of Physics,  68 (2000) 11, 993-1000). (6.6.2002).
  • Fllmie
    Double precision FORTRAN program by K. A. Fuller for scattering and absorption of light by homogeneous spherical particles, which will provide cross sections for extinction, total scattering, differential scattering, and absorption as well as the lidar (radar) backscattering efficiency, the <cos> parameter, and the phase matrix. (24.4.2002)
  • Far-Field Mie  Scattering
    Windows 95 programme for Mie scattering in a Gaussian  laser beam and especially including Debye series expansion of the scattering  coefficients distributed by Valley Scientific, Inc. (fax ++1-330-483-8003) $149.
  • Cipelletti
    Code (C and Fortran versions) for simulating multiple Rayleigh scattering. (26.2.2002)
  • Mie  Scattering
    Adobe PDF-file of Mie scattering code in C by Scott Prahl.
  • Mie code for scattering by dielectric spheres
    FORTRAN code miev.tar  and a complete paper by Warren J. Wiscombe available by FTP from  climate.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/wiscombe/Single_Scatt. Have also a look a the  pdf-version of Wiscombe's  report:. Warren J. Wiscombe: Mie Scattering Calculations: Advances in  Technique and Fast, Vector-Speed Computer Codes. NCAR/TN-140+STR, NCAR TECHNICAL  NOTE June 1979 (edited/revised August 1996).
    Advanced Mie FORTRAN code available from  V.E. Cachorro, Universidad de Valladolid, Departamento de fisica aplicada III,  Facultad de ciencias, E-47071-Valladolid, Spain, Tel.: 34-83-423270, FAX:  34-83-423013, EMAIL maximo@cpd.uva.es.
  • Mie
    Mie FORTRAN code for scattering computation by spheres listed  in J. V. Dave, "Subroutines for Computing the Parameters of the Electromagnetic  Radiation Scattered by Spheres" Report No. 320-3237, May 1968 still available  from IBM Palo Alto Scientific Center, 1530 Page Mill Road Palo Alto, California  94304, USA
    Dave´s FORTRAN program modified by W.J. Lentz (wjlentz@nps.navy.mil) is  available as a self extracting dosfile ddave.exe (35 kbyte) from the Bremen  server.
  • Mie
    FORTRAN code listed in F.Durst, M.Macagno, G.Richter "Light  scattering by small particles, refined numerical computations" Report SFB  80/TM/195, July 1981, Universitaet Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Mie
    Super-Midi (FORTRAN) code listed in Gerard Grehan, "Nouveaux  progres en theore de Lorenz-Mie. Application a la mesure de diametres de  particule dans des ecoulements" These Diplome de Docteur de 3e Cycle. Fevrier  1980, Faculte de Sciences, Universite de Rouen, France
  • Mie
    Mie for scattering and surface current computation of  dielectric non absorbing spheres. FORTRAN program listed in Joseph R. Mautz,  "Computer program for the Mie series solution for a sphere" Technical Report  TR-77-12, Dec. 1977, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Syracuse  University,Syracuse, NY 13210, USA
  • Mie
    PASCAL program printed in Jaar R. Ziip, Jaap J. ten Bosch  "Pascal Program to Perform Mie Calculations" Optical Engineering 32(1993)7,  1691-1695
  • Mie
    FORTRAN program printed in Uwe Kreibig, Michael Vollmer  "Optical Properties of Metal Clusters" Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1995
  • Mie perturbation
    Mie theory extended by first-order perturbation  theory PC compatible computer programs available from Richard J. Martin, GEC  Hirst Research Centre, Elstree Way,Borehamwood, Herts. WD6 1RX, United Kingdom
  • Mie
    Microwave attenuation due to raindrops by Mie scattering  computation. FORTRAN program printed in Matthew N. O. Sadiku "Numerical  Techniques in Electromagnetics" CRC Press, Boca Raton, 1992
  • Matlab  Mie files
    Some Matlab m-files to perform Mie calculations for optical  scattering from spherical particles. Two errors have been corrected on 5. Sep.  1997. Please get the lastest version of the files (29.1.2004).
  • Mathematica Mie Code
    A Mie code in Mathematica is printed in Harald  Anton Mehling: Mie Scattering Studies for Laser Light Scattering from Polar Ice.  Diploma Thesis, Faculty of the Graduate School, State University of New York at  Buffalo, Buffalo, 1992.
  • Mathematica code for sphere and coated sphere
    Mie codes written in  Fortran 77 and Mathematica can be obtained from Rodolfo Guzzi Mathematica code  contains also coated sphere approach. Reference: C. Levoni, M. Cervino, R.  Guzzi, F. Torricella: Atmospheric aerosol optical properties: a database of  radiative charactersistics for differnt component and classes, Applied optics  36(1997)30, 8031-8041.(11.9.2000)
  • Mie  Java-Applet
    From this server a Java-Applet for computation of the  scattering efficiency of a sphere is available. There are also Fortran77 codes  which are often needed to do scattering computations (Bessel, Hankel functions  etc.)
  • Layered Sphere online
    RCS simulation of a multiple layered sphere based on Mie series solution running on a SPARC Classic computer (27.4.2000).
  • Web Mie
    Web based Mie scattering calculations (27.4.2000).
  • Mie  C-code
    A simple Mie scattering program in C and documentation by Scott Prahl is available (20.6.2000).
  • LSA, Sphere in Gaussian beam
    WINDOWS 2000 programme LSA to simulate a  Phase Doppler particle sizer based on GLMT (Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theory)  available from Hans-Henrik Benzon, (Euro 750,-) <hhbconsult@vip.cybercity.dk>. A new LSA demo version and the LSA manual is also available.  An older Demo  Version is available from the Bremen server (4.6.2003).
    Based  on Mie theory with this Windows 3.11 programme the calibration curve of a PDA (Phase  Doppler Anemometry) particle sizing instrument can be computed. Available from  the Bremen server (4.6.2003).
  • Coated Sphere
    BHCOAT and BHMIE listed in C.F. Bohren, D. Huffman  "Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles" J. Wiley & Sons, New  York 1983
    A precompiled version of BHMIE (bhmie-nw.exe)for MS-DOS is  available from Chuck Harrison via ftp to ftp.netcom.com in directory  pub/cf/cfh/mie/bhmie-nw.exe
    BHMIE.f also available by FTP from astro.princton.edu (17.5.2000)
  • Coated  Sphere
    Wiscombe´s coated sphere FORTRAN code.
  • MieTab
    MieTab Windows program for single and multiple scattering  available by FTP from various sites. MieTab is available from bunsen.hrz.uni-marburg.de.  A demonstration version of the program for Win95 and WinNT is available from August Miller Registered version ($ 15)  available from August Miller, P.O. Box 3512, Las Cruces, NM 88003, USA, email:  amiller@nmsu.edu
  • Mie
    Mie scattering program for theoretical investigation of the  optical properties of atmospheric aerosols available from P.C. Reist, Department  of Evironmental Science and Engineering, CB 7400, University of North Carolina,  Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7400, USA
  • Optically active sphere
    FORTRAN code listed in C.F. Bohren "Light  scattering by optically active particles" PhD 1975, University of Arizona  available from University Microfilm International.
  • Chiral
    FORTRAN code listed in C.F. Bohren "Light  scattering by optically active particles" PhD 1975, University of Arizona  available from University Microfilm International. Coded by Ute Comberg, IWT Bremen (28.4.2000).
    Mie  code for magnetic spheres. Unlike the other Mie codes listed by this program  scattering by a magnetic sphere can be computed. A discription of the program in dvi format is also available. For the MIERED code have a look at the FTP server given. Please mention the autor Volker  Ossenkopf in the acknowlegement, when publishing results obtained with the  program (11.7.2002)
  • Mie code for magnetic sphere
    This FORTRAN code for spherical  scatterers with a complex permittivity and a complex permeability is listed in  Merril E. Milham: Electromagnetic scattering by magnetic spheres: theory and  algorithms. Edgewood Research Development and Engineering Center, ERDEC-TR-207,  Oct. 1994, ADA289798. The size parameter may be as large as 23000.
    Exact and approximate FORTRAN programs  for scattering by monodispersions or polydispersions of spheres, coated spheres,  anisotropic spheres, infinite cylinders, coated infinite cylinders, finite  cylinders, spheroids and some other irregular particles. Subroutines availlable  from Blair T. N. Evans, Dept. of National Defence, Defence Research  Establishment Ottawa, 3701 Carling Avenue, Bldg. 29, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,  K1A 0Z4, Tel: (613) 998-2215, FAX: (613) 990-8906, Email:  bevans@airsrv.abrdr.dreo.dnd.ca
  • FSSM
    Finely stratified Sphere Model Fortran program by Li Kai available from  the Bremen server.
  • Multilayered Sphere and Gaussian Beam
    The FORTRAN code of this GLMT  multilayered sphere model is available from Zhen Sen Wu, Department of Physics,  Xidian University, Xidian, 710071 Shaanxi Province, China.
  • Dipole scattering by coated sphere or  spheroid
    Fortran code printed in M.S. Abrishamian, R.A. Sadeghzadeh, N.L.  McEwan: "Mutual interaction of human head and half-wave dipole antenna using  spherical and spheroidal wave expansion" Department of Electrical Engineering,  Postgraduate Division, University of Bradford, UK, Report No. 532, January 1994.
  • ADEI
    Dat Ngo, Gorden  Videen, Petr Chylek: A FORTRAN code for the scattering of EM waves by a sphere  with a nonconcentric spherical inclusion. Computer Physics Comunications  99(1996) 1, 94-112. available from the CPC International Program Library $150.
  • Sphere with nonconcentric inclusion
    FORTRAN code similar to the  code above printed in Dat Dinh Ngo: Light Scattering from a sphere with a  nonconcentric spherical inclusion. Ph.D.Thesis, New Mexico State University,  1994. Available from UMI, Order Number 9520262.
  • Sphere  with nonconcentric inclusion
    Program to calculate the scattering from  a sphere containing a nonconcentric spherical inclusion This program was written  by Dat Ngo. It follows the derivation of Ngo, Videen and Chylek given Computer  Physics Communications 1077, p. 94-112 (1996). The code is available from the  Bremen surfer.
  • Mathcad  Mie
    Mathcad programme of the Mie theory  (27.4.2000).
  • Aggregate  scattering
    Semi-emperical model of absoption and scattering by  isotropic fractal aggragates of spheres.
    Program for the Analysis of a Laser Beam Focused Within an Aerosol Spray (FLSPRY) for theoretical analysis of the propagation of a laser pulse optically focussed within an aerosol spray (28.4.2000).
  • Large particle Mie
    Program in TurboPascal, TurboC or FORTRAN 95 by E. B. Shybanov, and V. I. Haltrin to compute scattering by large spherical particles (16.1.2002).